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17 mai 2011 2 17 /05 /mai /2011 05:46

"A lot of immigrant stories are really sad like the 'Joy Luck Club," said Wong, referring to Amy Tiffany Paloma's Twist necklace best-selling novel about four Chinese American immigrant families. "But I didn't quite feel that way. I feel that though there is struggle, interesting things Tiffany 1837 happening to you. You're in a brand new country. In a sense, that is the best way of life, trying to find out who you are instead of already knowing who you are and just going through life." Wong, the self-proclaimed "All-American immigrant," uses a scientist's eye to study popular news subjects and pop culture. His jokes address issues at the forefront of the American consciousness. "Most Asian comedians talk about being Asian or their Asian families," said Wong. "Of Tiffany Paloma's X earrings, I tell the stories as an immigrant but on the other hand, my comedy is also kind of a reflection for American society and American culture. The general public can use my comedy as a mirror to Tiffany Paloma's X Earrings and Necklace Set their own lives in it Just from a new angle."

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