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5 mars 2011 6 05 /03 /mars /2011 06:19

We should not be surprised to hear of the resurgence of Muqtada Sadr and his Shi'i party in replica Vacheron Constantin. Since the start of America's ill-advised invasion of that country, the only certain outcome has been Iraq's eventual transformation into a fundamentalist Islamic state, bitterly and justifiably opposed to replica Welder things American. I share your frustration at watching Israel thumb its nose at yet another U.S. president, in spite of billions in aid every year. Israel's strategy has not changed for 35 years: Build and stall, all the while using security as an excuse. The United States should not be supporting this illegal activity. Equally immoral is imposing de facto martial law on the Palestinians, also financially and militarily supported by our government. replica Wyler wonder the Muslim world is suspicious of the United States. Our government should not give one more dime to Israel as long as a single structure is being replica Zenith in occupied territory.

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