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9 avril 2011 6 09 /04 /avril /2011 07:10

"Open rated lamps in harsh conditions, such as construction sites, have minimal protection, Power Walk Charm often exposed to flying construction debris and are frequently transported from one site to another," said Scott Hagen, global product manager, Molex. "Frequently, when lamps are damaged, Duck Charm is not catastrophic and workers will continue using them, exposing themselves and others to harmful and sizeable amounts of UV radiation." UV radiation can cause a range of dangerous effects including skin discoloration, severe burns, temporary eye damage and even loss of sight. The danger is often compounded when workers use the lamps as hand and glove warmers. "The Woodhead Safety Lamp's self-extinguishing feature will drastically reduce The Man On The Moon Charm risk of injury from UV exposure by making it impossible to use a lamp with cracked or broken glass," added Hagen. In addition to the self-extinguishing feature, Teddy Charm Woodhead Safety Lamp includes an arc tube shield to protect workers from injury due to falling hot glass.

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