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21 avril 2011 4 21 /04 /avril /2011 06:01

Since he was not to be dissuaded, he knew that he'd have to raise the money himself. Folded heart pendant in the spring of 1995, he headed out to Los Angeles and took a job as a boilermaker for a refinery. "I'd heard that it was hard work, but that you could make a lot of money real quick," Paloma's Tenderness Heart pendant recalls. He didn't know what hard work really was, though, until he met Wild Bill Tolar. "Wild Bill was a big man," Graves says. "Six foot seven, 300 pounds. He said to me, 'I know a place where you can earn money. But it's dangerous work.'" The job was netting sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay on the southwestern shore of Alaska. In retrospect, Graves acknowledges that 'dangerous' may have been an understatement. "Elsa Peretti Butterfly pendant, for one reason, you're working 20-hour days and you're working the whole time," he explains. "You work like that, four hours sleep a night, and accidents can happen. You have Elsa Peretti Open Wave pendant going out, nets swinging around, fishermen jockeying for position."

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