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11 avril 2011 1 11 /04 /avril /2011 07:28

Processes that operate with Six Sigma quality (in principle, within Discount Tiffany Sets standard deviations of a mean value) over a short sampling period produce defect levels over the long term of less than 3.4 per million--providing, of course, a lot of Discount Tiffany Watches management practices are also in place. When achieved, this translates into a production yield of . Six Sigma is said to have saved Motorola more than $17 billion over the years. So, how did Toyota--a manufacturer that has made some of the most significant contributions to the science of quality assurance--manage to screw up so badly? It is not just the move offshore. Though the firm has 52 overseas plants in 27 countries, the quality practices Luxury Watches at its headquarters in Aichi prefecture can be packaged and transplanted to Mexico or Kentucky just as readily as to a Komatsu press shop. Nor was it Toyota's obsession with Discount A.Lange & Sohne General Motors at any cost to become the world's largest carmaker.

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